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The Martinez Brothers release a new banger on their own label Cuttin’ Headz

We’ve all heard of The Martinez Brothers, one of the most popular duos of today’s electronic music scene. Christian and Steve Martinez were raised in the Bronx on their father’s love of music, who collected vinyls and worshipped the Paradise Garage, one of the world’s legendary clubs where Garage House was born.
Thanks to a solid musical knowledge and unending passion, their House or Tech-House productions reflect varied influences going from funk to disco but also hip-hop.

Although they’ve reached unquestionable fame today, hard work is what brought them there and they are still at it. On top of producing and touring around the world, they also have two record labels — Tuskegee Music (with Seth Troxler) and Cuttin’ Headz.

Speaking of which, their new EP “Stuff In The Trunk” will be out on Cuttin’ Headz May 13th. It’s made up of two tracks–the original and instrumental version–and features renowned French DJ and producer Miss Kittin on vocals.

You guessed it: ‘Stuff In The Trunk’ is sure to be an instant hit. Now go check it out!